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SMG Commercial Finance Advisory Division (SCFAD)
provides a broad consortium of funding services for many commercial-type transactions such as Multifamily, Build-to-Suit, Construction, Flagged Hotels, Religious Organizations, Bridge and Conventional loans, and many more.

We're an entrepreneurial, team-oriented organization with decades of experience in real estate finance with advisory experience and operating know-
how. SCFAD's seasoned senior management, analysts, and underwriters are valuable assets to each and every borrower who seeks funding
consultation from us.

Most of our clients understand that every real estate transaction is unique, and a property's value goes beyond the numbers on a page. This is
especially true where the owner is trying to improve or stabilize the property. Our culture of flexibility and can-do attitude allows us to identify and
embrace unique opportunities; those that others might reject.

In today's tight credit market, SCFAD's vast experience combined with a wide array of bridge and conventional programs maximize our borrowers'
chances of securing the capital they need, even when they have been turned down by traditional commercial lenders and banks.

We have partnerships with several private equity groups of which allows us to offer over 2 billion dollars in available capital to fund various projects nationwide.

Private Equity Financing Through SMG Holdings Private Investor Alliances

SMG has developed a network of top private equity investment groups and venture capital firms. Our alignment with these groups benefits your business when you are exploring ways to introduce working capital through private equity financing or joint venture capital. Our team of private equity specialists has years of experience connecting businesses with interested investors and structuring solutions that work for all parties.

Securing Capital for Your Business Through Our Network

Maintaining working relationships with a network of investors specializing in introducing equity into organizations benefits your business. Our alliance
offers your business a broad investment strategy for achieving capital goals. We can connect you with funding for:

  • Recapitalization
  • Commercial real estate acquisition
  • Refinance any commercial property
  • Corporate divestment of assets
  • Management buyouts or leveraged buyouts
  • Growth capital to fund expansion plans or restructuring

Our Private Equity Investors

We get your business capital through our private equity investors. These firms are interested in:

  1. The strength and experience of your management team
  2. Your company’s ability to create value and generate cash
  3. The exit strategies that will be available to investors

Funding for Your Growing Company

Our partnerships with joint venture capital firms allows us to offer capital programs for businesses who are in the start-up phase, early development or expansion. We can connect your new or growing company with an interested firm.

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