Our Firm

SMG Holdings, Inc. & Companies currently maintain a total of 37 corporate partnerships in the Finance, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, and Real Estate industries. Expansion, development, and growth are the core influencers of our progressive outlook on improving all of our products and services. Through our family of companies, we provide innovative solutions for sustainable business growth to our business clients for long term wealth.

Our headquarters and corporate offices are located in Washington, DC.  We've been involved in various capital markets and industries for over 18 years. International relations in Japan, China, UK and other countries are handled by other partners of SMG at our Wall Street offices in New York.

The SMG Team consists of  Engineers, CPAs, Builders, Developers, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Hedge Fund Managers, and many other professions. This compilation of expertise allows for SMG to be very competitive and strategic in particular markets.


This is the SMG® Way.