Our Mission Statement

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SMG’s access to credit facilities through its subsidiaries continue to grow year-over-year. While many companies have been adversely affected by the recent economic downturns, our subsidiaries continue to grow. As a result, while other companies cannot meet the demands of their customers, our subsidiaries have access to the capital necessary to fund every qualified deal.

Through the years, SMG has actively supported the development of alternatives to traditional financial products. Through our subsidiaries, these innovations have already helped thousands of  businesses receive access to over $2 billion in commercial & working capital. We will continue to develop cutting-edge products and services, always seeking better ways for businesses to tap their strengths and obtain working capital.

SMG and its subsidiaries, such as SMG Capital Holdings, have collected more than a decade's worth of small business information. We also regularly conduct detailed polls and surveys of American small business owners. Through detailed analysis of this information, we continually improve our understanding of what works for most small businesses.

This is the SMG® Way.